Get Me To The Gym v1.61 APK

Get Me To The Gym v1.61 APK


gym1Get Me To The Gym

We all know the health benefits of fitness. Whether it’s going to the gym, running on a track, going for a swim, or on a hike. The benefits of physical activity can’t be denied. But we’ve all had those days when you’re 2 episodes into a Netflix marathon, and one more episode just seems easier than getting off the couch and doing whatever activity you had planned. That’s where Get Me To The Gym is going to help you. This app has been designed to act like that annoying friend who won’t leave you alone. That friend who gives you that last little push you need to get out the door when you’re racking your brain for reasons not to. The one we later thank for pushing us out that door, because who doesn’t feel great after getting out of the house and doing something physical?

So how does it work? Well its easy. Get Me To The Gym was designed to be as simple as possible for you to use. You pick your days, your time, and the location. That’s it. We’ll get you there, we’ll give you that little extra push you need to get you motivated. When the alarm goes off, we’ll check your location. If you’re not at the gym, the fun starts. We’ll get progressively more annoying with each snooze. If you really decide to give up for the day, you’re going to need to give us an excuse. Which will be viewable by everyone on your Facebook friends list who also has the app, along with a skip counter showing how many times you’ve missed. Don’t worry, all of this is within the app, we’ll never post anything to your Facebook account.

Sold yet? Good. Get to the gym, with Get Me To The Gym.

Feature list –
* Set multiple alarms for different days/times/locations
* Easily set your location just by typing in your gym name OR picking it from a map
* Facebook integration to give you a little peer pressure
* A large database of motivational quotes
* Alarm’s that get more and more annoying
* Alarm’s that varies based on how far away you are
* “I’m on the way” allows you to snooze it for 15 minutes
* Records an excuse from you when you fail to go, and show’s it to your Facebook friends who also have the app. **This is visible only within the app, we will not post to your Facebook wall**

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