Inner Garden: Victorian Houses v1.0 APK

Inner Garden: Victorian Houses v1.0 APK


garden1Expansion pack for the Inner Garden free app. Requires an up-to-date installation of Inner Garden.

Build your own Victorian mansion with a garden! This pack features a modular building set that will allow you to design and build your own Victorian house or mansion. Choose from many different pieces and build houses large and small, simple or complex, or anything in between. You can choose between pieces with different window, roof and entrance configurations, and use “turning pieces” to adjoin side wings. The Victorian houses created in this way can be then covered with ivy and as a bonus, there is a special set of flowers that can be planted right outside your house’s windows. The set is designed to allow numerous combinations so that you can experiment with layouts or even build your own Victorian garden town! The buildings in the pack are inspired by the famous Red House in Bexleyheath, Kent, UK.

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