Kruptos 2 APK

Kruptos 2 APK


krup1Kruptos 2 Android is an easy to use encryption App that allows you to password protect your Photos, Movies, Documents or any other private file that is stored on you device.

Add and encrypt your files from Google Drive, DropBox, Photos, Movies, Explorer, Emails plus many other Apps

Share your encrypted files via Email, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other file sharing App.

Compatible Your encrypted files are fully compatible with Kruptos 2 Professional for Windows and Kruptos iPhone which means you can encrypt and share your files with any compatible Windows or Apple device

Secure Kruptos 2 Android Uses 256-bit AES encryption to password protect your files and prevent them from being modified, read or even accessed

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krup3krup2Download | 17 MB |

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